RAVPower 36W 2ポート USB充電器 PD対応 RP-PC017 ブラック

RAVPower 36W 2ポート USB充電器 PD対応 RP-PC017 ブラック

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As the leader in Portable Power Solutions, RAVPower® strives to offer every customer with the most reliable power products, affordable prices, and the services that you value from a trusted brand. That is the RAVPower Promise!

Two Smart Charging Ports

Charge faster, charge smarter.iSmart charging ports adapts to your device. It automatically matches the maximum charging current designed for your device , and hence minimizes charging time.

Light, Compact, Smart

As slim as a quarter and weighing only 3 oz lightest, yet able to keep charging your devices anywhere and anytime!

Built-in Wall Plug

The Dual USB adapter lets you plug- in anywhere in the world with automatic voltage adjustment between 100 volts and 240volts. Plus, it doubles as a very convenient way to charge the power bank without the need for cables.

Recharge anywhere with RAVPOWER!

A category-high 24 watts / 4.8 amps through two ports lets you charge two phones or even two tablets together at top speed. Compatible with both Apple and Android, and built with enough power to handle future releases, this may well be the last charger you'll ever have to buy!


型番 RP


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